Branding Persona that sell


By Mahmoud Arafa

This is an exclusive look into one of the sessions at this year’s Creative Thinkers Conference, branding personas that sell.

Discover how you can scale innovation and blend creativity to create a persona that 100% reflects you. In this presentation, audiences will explore the power of a persuasive persona. You will learn new tactics to create a persona that makes companies and individuals clearly stand out in the crowd. Through case studies and empirical validation, not predictive genius!, the presentation will give the audience simple persona recipes. Audiences will also learn how to focus on what they do best and highlight it, how to advocate achievements without blowing their own horn, and how to convey passion to change people’s attitudes and eventually behavior.

Learn how to increase your ROL (Return on Luck) and turn bad luck into good results. Learn how to copy solutions instead of solving problems. Learn how to embrace weaknesses. Whether you are creating, transforming or giving your image a soul; the presentation will help you through vicarious experience, not verbal persuasion to achieve your communication goal.

Learning Objectives

  • Master the skill of meeting communication predicaments.
  • How will weaknesses become strengths and difficulties turn into victories?
  • How simplicity can give you the most sophisticated solutions.
  • How to increase your RoL (Return on Luck)
  • How to humbly and wisely advocate your achievements


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7 Keys to Unlocking Productive Thinking


By Tim Hurson

In 490 BCE, a young soldier named Pheidippides, ran to Athens to report the victory at Marathon 40k away. He dropped dead as soon as he delivered the news.

Today, over 800,000 people complete marathons every year. Half of them are over 50, very few keel over, and many complete the distance faster than Pheidippides did. Why?

The answer is simple: Structure. we’ve figured out structures to train more productively, run more efficiently, and hydrate more effectively. If we can use structures to help us perform better physically, doesn’t it make sense that we can use structures to help us think better too?

Tim will show you the straight-forward Productive Thinking structures he and his ThinkX colleagues use to help innovation clients think more productively, more effectively, and more creatively. By using these easy-to-learn tools, you and the people you work with will have more ideas, better ideas, and more implementable ideas — more of the time. You’ll laugh, you’ll be amazed, but mostly, you’ll think better. Guaranteed.

Become Innovative

Become Innovative blog

By Cindy Ragab

Your next big idea is hiding in an unexpected place!

Innovation is not a gift saved only for a few, it is a skill that anyone can learn. Creative problem solving can open your mind to techniques that allow you to see things differently. It is by looking at everyday items and systems with a mind that is not confined to previous dispositions that you see opportunities and are able to transform the way we all live and do things. You can be innovative too. Just open your eyes and your mind.

We all hear about great innovators aha! moments. Where do these come from? Are they a gift from the universe? No. Simply by seeing the connections between seemingly un-connected things, innovation occurs.

In 2000, Anthony Brennan, a professor at the University of Florida was asked by the US Navy to find a way to reduce the algae and barnacles building up on Navy ships and submarines, causing drag.

While Brennan and fellow researchers were discussing this challenge at a port in Hawaii, Brannan noticed that the ships coming into port looked a lot like whales barnacle build-up. But sharks had smooth skin. Why? While his colleagues dismissed the comparison citing that sharks swim much faster, but Dr. Brennan was not satisfied.

Lab tests revealed that shark skin denticles are arranged in a distinct diamond pattern which rebels algae. Not only this, but it also does not allow the growth of bacteria, including: of Staph a., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, VRE, E. coli, MRSA which cause human illness and even death.

Today, the company inspired by this innovation, Sharklet Technologies, produces surfaces which are used on life-saving medical devices. They are even used on smartphone covers. The possibilities are endless!

The next time you confine yourself to your office until you come up with the next game-changing idea, remember that innovations are sparked by open eyes and minds. Need help? Practicing creative problem solving will help you train your brain to find opportunities in surprising places growing your career and your business!