How to Integrate Creativity in Organizations


By Dimis Michaelides

CEOs around the world are increasingly taking a personal interest in innovation and are expecting creative outcomes from all of their people. Although innovation means different things to different people and organizations differ tremendously from one another, the things that drive innovation are in fact quite similar.

This workshop at the 2014 Creative Thinkers Conference takes into account the multi-dimensional nature of innovation and will show how innovative organizations mobilize the SOURCES of creativity in a well-designed STRUCTURE and with an appropriately-shaped CULTURE.

It is the skillful synthesis of twelve innovation drivers – Talent, Energy, Method, Individual, Team, Target, System, Ideas, Freedom, Engagement, Humor and Risk – that makes an organization innovative.

Participants will:

  • Explore twelve key drivers of innovation in an elegant model which emphasizes the importance of both structure and culture
  • Explore fundamentals of innovative leadership, teamwork and creative method
  • Discover a structured approach to leading innovation in their organization

The workshop will include interactive exercises original presentations and … a touch of magic!

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