Communicating for Results

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By Wayne Morris

Communication is probably not something you would instantly equate with creativity. It’s something that we do throughout our lives, but often don’t give much thought to how we’re doing it. But communication is a skill (and perhaps an art), and like any other skill, it can be improved upon.

With better communication, we can enhance our relationships, both personal and business. And since just about everything in life is based on relationship, the impact of improved communication can be far-reaching.

Everyone should know how to know:

  • If there is no understanding there has been no communication [and how you can ensure better understanding].
  • Their communication style and why it won’t work with everyone.
  • How what you do over-rides what you say.

Wayne is the founder of Future Edge Ltd, a New Zealand based consultancy that specialises in applying ‘whole brain’ approaches to leading, learning and creating. He is an experienced, pragmatic and entertaining trainer and coach. He has facilitated leadership development workshops in New Zealand and creativity workshops in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. Wayne is also an artist and a percussion addict. He is the author of the recently published book ‘The Creative Edge Workshop’.

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