Program 2014

Getting over Creative Blocks and Reaching your Creative Potential
Creativity in Everyday Life
We often think about creativity as making something, but in fact the root meaning of creativity is ‘to grow’. With more than 15 professional development sessions and workshops, the Conference offers you some of the industry’s brightest, most innovative minds, who will provide you with information about the key drivers of critical business functions, solutions for organizational / individual challenges, and creative strategies with measurable outcomes. Throughout the conference program, you will explore how creativity affects your bottom line.
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Why attend?

Creativity is a Muscle: Use it or Lose it
It is a surely a worthwhile endeavor for every mind to get to meet and mingle with top international experts in Creative thinking and to reflect on the true meaning of innovation.
It’s a life changing and eye opening experience that will teach you how to:

  1. Introduce Creative Problem Solving (CPS) in your organization
  2. Get more out of the resources that you already have
  3. Empower your team members and get the best out of them

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Meet the Speakers

Eileen Doyle

Eileen Doyle, president of Deeper Dives, provides highly interactive facilitation, market research and creativity workshops. Eileen has facilitated diverse projects ...

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Wayne Morris

Wayne is the founder of Future Edge Ltd, a New Zealand based consultancy that specialises in applying ‘whole brain’ approaches ...

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Mahmoud Arafa

Anywhere you find professionals contemplating the intersection between design and persuasion, you’ll find Arafa motivating people to action. He helps ...

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Dr. Bruce Baum

Dr. R. Bruce Baum is a Professor Emeritus at the State University of New York, College at Buffalo and ...

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Dr. Kobus Neethling

Holds six degrees including two Masters, a Doctorate and Post-Doctorate (cum laude) in the identification and development of creative behaviour ...

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